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Who is Hitman Holla Girlfriend Cinnamon? Age, Instagram Leaked Video Explained




Who is Hitman Holla Girlfriend Cinnamon? Age, Instagram Leaked Video Explained: Rapper Hitman Holla’s girlfriend, Cinnamon is recovering from a gunshot wound which she faced in the month of October, she was shot in the face on 12th October which happened during a terrifying home break-in. She is a 27-year-old influencer and an entrepreneur and her Instagram bio says that she has her own online shopping and retail store called CINNY. She also has a cooking business called Cinny’s Food, Hitman Holla and Cinnamon started dating each other in the year 2016 and she often posts pictures of herself and her boyfriend with her 277,000 Instagram followers. Follow More Update On

Hitman Holla Girlfriend Cinnamon

Who is Hitman Holla Girlfriend Cinnamon?

She was at home FaceTiming Hitman Holla when four burglars broke into her home in the month of October 2021, in an Instagram post, the rapper explained he was out of town when his girlfriend was shot on the face. It has been stated by Hitman, “I’m so proud of how she was so brave… I can’t stop crying man plz send positive energy our way I need it y’all I really really need it I’ve never felt this kinda pain this message was for my fans family and friends all at once plz help us get through this.”

Hitman Holla Girlfriend Cinnamon Video Explained

Cinnamon has posted on Instagram on 12th October as she stated,”It’s going to be a long journey but I’m ready for it.

“I really do appreciate each and every one of you guys so much. I could never thank you enough. I never knew I was this strong until now, “Thank you to my amazing support system because I honestly wouldn’t know what to do in a time like this. “I’ve never been so afraid in my life man, but I was covered by the blood of Jesus!”

Her post which is on Instagram show pictures of her with a neck brace, saying she has recovered from the gunshot wound, on 5th December, Cinnamon posted a picture of her  on a boat at Rivera Maya in Cancun in Mexico, her caption was, “Life tried to crush me but I’m still living and LYFE is good.”

There are going to be further revelations in the case in the coming days and weeks, we are going to be on our toes in order to provide you with further details as soon as something comes under our radar. We are going to be back with the updates regarding the story.