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Who is Gabriel Boric’s wife, Irina Karamanos? Age, Instagram, and More!




Who is Gabriel Boric’s wife, Irina Karamanos? Age, Instagram, and More: Irina Karamanos is the first woman of Chile is now become the wife of the newly elected president.  So now many of the people and the netizens are getting of curious to know her more. And they are even taking over to Twitter and searching for her. So the search for you guys is going o be end here as you guys are on the right platform. So in eth article below we will be going to update you with eth complete bio of her. Follow More Update On

Gabriel Boric's wife, Irina Karamanos

Who is Irina Karamanos?

She is the wife of a newly elected president whose name is Gabriel Borc, and he is the youngest president at the age of 35. He won this election after 99.95 percent of ballots for him. Here is the data from where he reminded the votes, he received 55.87 percent and also garnered 11.74 percent votes then Kast.

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Who is Gabriel Boric’s wife, Irina Karamanos?

She is well known social activist who used to work for the welfare of the people. Now have os become the first woman of Chile who is the wife of the newly elected president. Other than this she had been well known as the personality who helped or raised the voice for women’s rights and also identified as a feminist.

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The couple was together for more than two years when they weren’t in the limelight. And in the political speech, after her husband become president, she was also seen on the stage with him while he was giving his political speech.

She is 32 years old, who has received his graduation from Anthropology and communication sciences. She is also a member of the Social Convergence party. As her husband handles the feminist front.

Irina Karamanos Net Worth:-

The estimated net worth of Irian is between 1 million to $2 million. She earned it from her profession.

And a couple has attended an interview in which they used to be answered all the questioned asked to them. They even talked about their relationship. They stated that they were together with each other for the last three years. They also claimed that there were many ups and downs but we both managed to sort the things with our communication and give time to each other. And they used to call each other with their private names “Chofo and Chaofa.”

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