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Who is Ethan Crumbley, Oxford School Shooting Suspect Photos and Instagram




Who is Ethan Crumbley, Oxford School Shooting Suspect Photos and Instagram: During the investigation of the shooting in Oxford High School, one suspect is arrested. As per the reports, three pupils were assassinated and 8 others were wounded in a tragedy which was happened on Tuesday afternoon, 30th November 2021. As per the footage which was shared on the popular video making app TikTok platform, the lethal shooting has happened in Michigan; the scared pupils apparently hunch in the classroom and jumped out of the window in frightening. The suspected shooter was detained, as per the Oakland County Undersheriff Mike McCabe. Follow More Update On

Ethan Crumbley

Who Is Ethan Crumbley?

The social media users are posting tweets and posts all over several social media platforms about the firing that has happened in Oxford High School, which direct their demise and 8 wounded. In this shooting case, Ethan Crumbly is suspected to be a shooter who is presently in the custody now. The officials who are investigating this matter said that Crumbley had the weapon on him which he used at the time of the firing; it was a semi-automatic handgun. As per Sheriff McCabe, around 15 to 20 shots were shot and about 100 calls were placed to 911. The firing took place at the South end of the high school building, and the school had around 1800 pupils.

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Ethan Crumbley: Oxford Shooter Exposed On Twitter

Likewise, the investigation is getting further and the sheriffs are getting to its bottom to know each and every detail related to the case. The police officials are yet not sure that the students were the prime target of the suspect.

Ethan Crumbley: Age And Biography

According to the news reports, the suspect shooter, Ethan Crumbley, is 15 years of age. Seemingly, we are not able to collect more information on the physical attributes of Crumbley at present. Ethan though does not have a Wiki page but has been the topic of the discussion as the 15-year-old boy attacked the school with a gun in his hand. As per the Sheriff, the suspect shooter was apprehended by a deputy detailed to the site and was the one who comes up on the scene. The suspect had a gun inside him, Officials further added.

At the present moment, the suspect shooter is being housed at Children’s Village in Pontiac and has already appealed to his right to not talk and demand an attorney. Sheriff McCabe stated the family has hired an attorney and has executed a search warrant at the house of the teen. Furthermore, the investigation is still going on and the information of the suspect shooter have not been made public as he is a juvenile who has not been charged yet.



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