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Who Is Dr. Alex George Girlfriend, Ellie Hetch? Age, Instagram, and, more!




Who Is Dr. Alex George Girlfriend, Ellie Hetch? Age, Instagram, and, more!: Love Island is the most appreciated and cherishable show, as it has unique and engaging content. There was a coupe on this show and both of them were started to be fall in love with this show and they accepted each other proposals. After this, both were in the limelight and they have gained a huge fanbase. And this time they are again scattering on the social media platforms. We are talking about Dr. Alex George and Ellie Hetch, there this news about them that they might have been broken up. Follow More Update On

Dr. Alex George Girlfriend, Ellie Hetch

Who Is Dr. Alex George Girlfriend, Ellie Hetch?

In January 2021 they were dating each other but from the courses, it has been said that they are now broken up. Both of them were accepted their relationship in public in the month of June on Instagram. The couple has been recently gone on the trip to Mauritius and there they were adopted puppy, Freddie, together. Both of them have been stored their best and everything they wanted to be together but even after working out more they finally decided that it will not be going to work as much as they are making efforts.

They were in a very emotional conversation after which they were going out on the separation. So they decided that Freddie will be going to stay with Ellies and she also moved her stuff from his flat. Their fans are so sad to receive the news that they finally broke up. Their fans are taking to Twitter and now sharing their point of view with other break up. Alex has been busy working on himself and he even shares his journey with his followers and motivates them to follow what he has been doing.

He has been on the journey of weight loss, he is a doctor and he knew how to work on his weight loss. One of the users on Instagram talk shit about the fat and try to make him offended. After which Alex posted something against this. He has been serving as the UK Youth Mental Health Ambassador, he has been ignored by critics as he had been stripped topless for a mirror. He the pictures he has been looking great and there is a result in his body which has been seen clearly. Alex penned a lien that reads, “I am not ashamed anymore”. And he brings a drastic change in his physic.