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Who is Bobby O’Jay’s wife? Age, Instagram, wedding photos




Who is Bobby O’Jay’s wife? Age, Instagram, wedding photos: A piece of heartbreaking news is coming into the headlines about the passing of Memphis Radio Legend Bobby O’Jay at the age of 68. The news of his death has left everyone shocked. All his fans and family members are mourning the death of the legendary DJ. Bobby O’Jay was a well-known DJ who was also known as the King of Memphis Radio. Since the news of his death come out, people have been paying soulful tributes to him through social media platforms. Our heartfelt condolences to his family and friends. In this article, we are going to provide you with some details about Bobby O’Jay. Follow More Update On

Bobby O’Jay

Who is Bobby O’Jay’s wife?

According to the reports, Bobby O’Jay recently passed away on 03 May 2022 at the age of 68. However, the cause of his death is yet to be revealed so far. The news of his demise was confirmed by radio host Bev Johnson. He said in a statement that Bobby was at his workplace when he died. His niece Wanda Thomas also revealed that his entire family of Bobby is in a state of shock at this time. His family needs our concern and support at this time. The family is going through a tough time after his sudden death.

His niece Wanda Thomas stated, “We’re doing as well as can be expected. We just listened to him this morning, you know, and he sounded like the picture of health. It’s a process.” She added in her statement that Bobby was our celebrity and she wants to be just like him when she will grow up, and “Our chain has definitely been broken. My fond memories are what’s going to keep us, get us through this time.”

The real name of Bobby O’Jay was Joe Louis Jones. He made his debut in his career in the year 1972 in Montgomery, Alabama. In February 1983, he got his dream job. He gained millions of listeners by speaking about his personal life and some topics that were close to his heart. He was nominated for the National Radio Hall of Fame. He spent almost forty years on America’s black radio station, WDIA. He was known as one of the prominent voices on the radio in Memphis. His career on Radio gave him chance to interview some well-known celebrities including Whitney Houston, Johnny Cochran, Muhammad Ali, and Rufus Thomas, among others. Bobby O’Jay passed away at the age of 68. May his soul Rest In Peace.