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Who Is Arnold Babcock? Man Trespassed Into Kendall Jenner Arrested Charges Explained!




Kendal Jenner is one of the renowned models and media personalities who gained an enormous fanbase. The popular American Model and social media personality started gaining fame in the reality television show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The famous personality often meets some of the crazy die-hard fans. Most lately another case of such a fan is circulating all over the Internet when a person was arrested while trying to trespass Jenner’s residence. Well, this isn’t the first time when such happened. Previously, another person did the same but got failed. Get more information on Who is Arnold Babcock.

Who Is Arnold Babcock? Man Trespassed Into Kendall Jenner Arrested Charges Explained!

As we informed you earlier that the widely known model accumulated a huge fanbase who are dying to even see the gorgeous face. Well, some of the fans wait for an appropriate chance for an elegant meet while others indulge in such activities that later collected headlines. As of now, the trespasser named Arnold Babcock smashed the headlines throughout after trying to trespass Jenner’s property but was halted by the security guards of Jenner. They even tried to make him understand but later detained him by guards until the Police officers arrived at the spot.

Why Was Arnold Babcock Arrested?

The guard then handover him to the cops who took him into custody. According to the reports, it wasn’t the first time when Arnold tried to do so. Before, this he also tried to meet the celebrity but failed at that time as well. Now, again he got arrested for the same case. Although, he got released after a while without any charges. It is being assumed that Police didn’t get the appropriate evidence and found the man a harmless fan who just want to see his star face to face. This is just an assumption the statement hasn’t been released by the police authority.

If we talk about Arnold he is an American citizen who earlier tried to meet Kendell in the same way. Other information about Arnold hasn’t been released by the Police authority as they are investigating all the details including origins, family background, and personal life.

The news become the talk of the town through social media platforms. Actor Geof Pilkinton took Twitter to share this information publically and some other significant personalities also did the same. As we informed you earlier that Arnold is set free by the Police but the investigation on him is still going on. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.