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Who is Alena Yildiz? Sexy bridesmaid uninvited from wedding goes viral, Age, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok >




Who is Alena Yildiz? Sexy bridesmaid uninvited from wedding goes viral, Age, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok A German mannequin says was uninvited from her friend’s marriage ceremony as a result of her looking “too good” in her bridesmaid’s gown. Follow More Update On CmaTrends

Who is Alena Yildiz?

Alena Yildiz, 21, took to TikTok last week to share the sensational story, together with her viral video racking up more than 10 million views within the days since.

“My close friend uninvited me to her marriage ceremony as a result of she thought I regarded too good within the dress SHE selected for me,” the scorned brunette captioned the clip.

She then shared a number of beautiful photographs of herself posing within the eye-catching design, writing: “Nonetheless took some fire pics in it tho[ugh].”

Yildiz — who boasts more than 160,000 followers on Instagram — told Insider that she was set to function bridesmaid alongside 5 different friends.

The gorgeous brunette claims the bride-to-be even picked out the extravagant frock however made her pay for it herself.

The gown was designed by Albina Dyla, and cost Yildiz a whopping 1,200 euros ($1360 USD).

Alena Yildiz: Age, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok Video

Yildiz’s TikTok video reveals the strapless garment is lower low within the front, highlighting her cleavage. The blue and silver embellished dress additionally include a split within the leg which reaches as much as the thigh.

The mannequin told Insider that she sent a video of herself wearing the gown to the bride-to-be — who she refuses to name publicly — earlier than she acquired a surprising name.

“She referred to me as me and instructed me about her insecurities with my dress; that it was too attention-grabbing,” Yildiz explained.

“She was very offended about the whole situation and ended up uninviting me after the decision. We got right into a fight as a result of it made no sense to me since she selected that gown herself.”

Yildiz says the other 5 bridesmaids had been additionally ordered to put on related head-turning clothes and was unclear as to why she was singled out.

The mannequin and her pal are not on speaking terms. She instructed Insider she was unhappy to overlook the marriage, which took place last week.

“We talked about her marriage ceremony for years, and I used to be so happy for my friend to lastly be with the love of her life and to have a good time together with her,” Yildiz stated.