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Who Is _alejandrogamboa Tiktok Star? Twitter Viral Video Real Name Instagram




Currently, Alejandro Gamboa has taken over the internet ever since his one video went viral. You must be thinking that it has become so normal for someone to go viral nowadays. Well, yes, this happens to be true. We are also covering one such personality whose name has already been mentioned above in this article. As Alejandro has come in one of the top trends now, netizens are searching for him and want to know why is he trending on social media. Here is what we have come to know about him.

alejandrogamboa Tiktok

Alejandro Gamboa is a well-known TikTok user whose video has gone viral on TikTok. As per sources, Alejandro has shared a gender reveal video on the video-sharing platform which made him famous overnight. The video happens to be a reply to a comment which was made by another user. The said user had questioned the gender identity of Gamboa as they had asked if he is a transgender.

Who Is _alejandrogamboa

The comment has created a lot of buzz and was noticed by a lot of his followers. As the matter rose and his identity started to get questioned, Alejandro decided to put a full stop to it. The social media star took to his account to upload a video where he stated that he is not transgender. Even though Alejandro has given the reply to that comment and had ended all the rumours of him being trans, netizens are also searching for his images, photos, and videos online. It has made Alejandro occupy all the top trends.

Let’s find out who is he. Alejandro Gamboa is known as his username on his TikTok account “Alejandrogamboa”. Sources reveal that he is only a 15-year-old boy. However, it is not confirmed if he is actually fifteen or not. Gamboa recently got famous after he gave a savage reply to one of the users on the said after they called him transgender. His video has made the creator a popular social media influencer.

On TikTok, he has more than 3.7K followers who support Alejandro and root for his content. Besides, he might have an active account on Instagram and Twitter. However, Alejandro Gamboa personal details related to his accurate age, date of birth, family, education, girlfriend, and more have not been revealed yet. We will update on it after getting any reliable information about him. Stay tuned with Social Telecast and get the latest updates.