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What Was Tania Mendoza Cause Of Death? Mexico Actress Tania Mendoza Killed In Front Of Her Son, Watch Video!




What Was Tania Mendoza Cause Of Death? Mexico Actress Tania Mendoza Killed In Front Of Her Son, Watch Video: The Mexican actress was shot while waiting for her son to arrive from his soccer practice. The crime was committed in front of her son, who is less than 11 years old, when he passed Morelos State Police. The actress was waiting for her son in the sports department. Felinos settled in the Lomas de Conquistador district of the city of Cuernavaca, where the minor trained football. The events took place in the sports department of Felinos in the Lomas de Conquistador neighborhood, where the creator took her son to soccer practice.

Tania Mendoza Death Reason

Tania Mendoza Death Reason

that there was still a police movement after her arrest, as well as the patrols at the scene that took place against the Mexican actor, Mendoza was attacked by 2 men who, according to eyewitnesses, received the place on a bicycle, the perpetrator arrived with a motorcycle and immediately opened fire on the actress in front of her youngest son. The actress has appeared in several films. Some of them told related stories.

Tania Mendoza Death Video

Mendoza stood out in particular with the 2005 film La mera reina del sur, in which he teamed up with Toño Infante, Rafael Goyri and Jorge Ortín. 300,000 people have died since December 2006, which is the official numbers that attribute most of these crimes.According to police, the singer’s body was recognized by her husband. People waiting to follow their children to the end witnessed the Mendoza murder and tried to protect themselves from the bullets, running and looking for a place of refuge.

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As of this Wednesday, the causes of the attack are still unknown, as the identity of the attacker is unknown, according to the local police, 2 test subjects on a bicycle recorded the crime scene, one each got out of the vehicle and shot him in the face. so he fled. We are really sad as we bring the news to you and this is really a hard and heartening moment for all of us. As she was a perfect mother and a wide. She was loved by everyone in the works for her talent of acting and singing. We are really sad and apologize for her loss. And may the noble soul rest in peace. Stay associated with CmaTrends for additional info!