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What Was Jean-Claude Mézières Cause Of Death? Author Of Comics Dead At 83, Funeral Obituary News!




What Was Jean-Claude Mézières Cause Of Death? Author Of Comics Jean Claude Mezieres Dead At 83, Funeral Obituary News: Jean-Claude Mézières was an artist and author of comics in the language of french. Artist Had born on 23 September 1938, Mr. Mezieres upbringing as a comic illustrator. This Comic was Started in Paris and published in Saint-Mandé, Jean-Claude Mézières was thoughtful in publicized by his own brother and spread by comics book artists as Characters Hergé, Andre Franquin, and Morris and timely changes by Jijé and Jack Davis vice versa. Follow our website CmaTrends for more updates!!!

Jean Claude Mezieres Death Reason

Jean Claude Mezieres Death Reason

Mr. Jean-Claude Mézières has been rewarded with lots of awards in his journey including the Winner Haxtur Award del International Comics Convention of the Principality of Asturias and Max 2011 and also awarded by 2018 Moritz Prize from Comic-Salon Erlangen for Special Prize for his extraordinary work in Germany. It’s my condolences disappointment that we heard the sad news of the loss of life of Jean-Claude Mézières, night date 23 January 2022. We lost him at the age of eighty-three.

Jean-Claude Mézières Funeral Obituary News

As per reported news caused of death of Mr. Jean-Claude Mézières natural. it’s a very brief time for supporters and fan base of great Jean-Claude Mézières. Coming to his working career, he had done work in the united states. Auther had been so fascinated by the American oldest from he was a child boy through watching to Western genre films by seeing the likes famous stars. when the author turned sixteen he had planned to travel to Mexico with Jean Giraud, whose mother was stayed there in Mexico.

Jean-Claude Mézières Wikipedia Biography Age

We used to travel to find work as he wanted. Along with Mr.Mézières was always as interested to work in the cinema as he was in drawing in his comics. In 1957 he started his work with Jean Giraud on creating an animated cartoonist Western. the project was dropped after 45 seconds of animation they had been completed he was not satisfied with it. The same year he planned to shoot a short film of ten-minute named “Life is a Dream “with Pierre Christi. He was also involved with other activities,

Jean-Claude Mézières Family & Career

At a similar time as working on Valérian and various movies and Tv sequels, Mézières also worked in producing artistic and comic strips for magazines, Comics, and newspapers at the same time. Mézières was also participating at one part in giving hands on courses on the publication of comic illustration and after doing all the stuff Mr. Jean-Claude Mézières told us final goodbye by lifting their illustrations and unforgettable memories at the age of 83. May Mr.Jean-Claude Mézières will be missed forever.