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What Was Bunny B. Cause of Death? Lafayette Rapper Bunny B of Da Entourage Passed Away at 50



Recently, news of the unfortunate death of Bunny B. Bunny has shocked many fans worldwide. At the time of his death, he was 50 years old and battling a prolonged illness. Before his death, he shared a video on his Facebook account and stated all the circumstances related to his illness and condition.


In the video in which he spoke to his fan on 16th December told that he entered in-hospital care and also disclosed that his condition has deteriorated. Not only this, but he also disclosed that he was suffering from a kidney-related illness and also said that he did not have much to live on anymore.

What Was Bunny B. Cause of Death?

Later, the artist also said that he is satisfied with his life and everything that he achieved in his life. Also, his superhit Bunny Hop will always be remembered by all of his fans. Along with it, he also thanked lots of DJs and artists in which DJ Thrill, Cupid, and others are included. Bunny B was primarily known for drawing attention to the hip-hop sound, dance styles, and rhythms of South Louisiana and Lafayette.

He bought many opportunities for Louisiana artists. Cupid, paying tribute to Bunny B on Facebook, is also called 337 legends. Bunny was from Lafayette and completed his graduation from Acadiana High School.

Lafayette Rapper Bunny B of Da Entourage Passed Away

Let us tell you that he has had an interest in music and singing from a very early age and he got huge success because of his talent. Not only this, but he also faced lots of difficulties in his life and he came from a life of poverty and streets.

He also created a group, Da Entourage in which he and his friends entertain everyone a lot. Later, the group of all the brilliant celebrities become popular after the release of their second album that become a huge hit.

Da Entourage released their debut album, Entourage Vol. 1, in 2001. After their second album became a sensation, they were marked by Universal Music in 2003 and re-released the second volume of Entourage. He becomes an idol for many rappers who want to create their name very big in this field.

Bunny B. Bunny was actually the pure talent who made his own empire because of his pure talent and hard work. There are lots of fans who pray for his resting soul and express their grief after knowing his unfortunate demise.

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