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What Was Brandon Burlsworth Cause Of Death? Football Player Brandon Burlsworth Car Accident CCTV Video




The recent news of a car accident declared the death of Brandon Burlsworth. Yes, it is a very shocking moment for everyone and his fans are praying for his resting soul. Let us tell you that he was an American offensive lineman for the Arkansas Razorbacks football team.

brandon burlsworth

Not only this, but he becomes an All-American after joining the team. Now, his name has been hitting the trending section because he left this world in a very deep feeling of sorrow. It is actually very heartbreaking to hear the news of his sudden death as he has gone too early.

What Was Brandon Burlsworth Cause of Death?

Talking about his personal life, he completed his studies at Harrison High School and graduated from the University of Arkansas. He was a very bright student in his college life and also won several awards including a scholarship in the first year. Not only this but he was also honored by All-SEC offensive guard in 1997 and 1998.

Later, they give him the name 1st team All-American and awarded him an all-conference honor. Unfortunately, he met with an accident and was pronounced dead on the spot on 28th April 1999. Let us also tell you that the accident happened near Alpena, Arkansas.

After his death, his family established a foundation in 1999 to honor him. The book, Eyes of a Champion, The Brandon Burlsworth Story, was published in 2001. Not only this but a film about his life, Greater, was released on August 26, 2016. Along with it, he completed his master’s degree before playing his final game and he was the only Arkansas Razorback football player who played his games after his masters.

Brandon Burlsworth Car Accident

Later, he got drafted after the third round of 1999 by the Indianapolis Colts. Unfortunately, he passed away just after 10 days of being drafted at the age of 22. It is actually very heartwrenching for his family to accept this news.

The famous player has lost his life in a car accident that happened on 28th April 1999. His vehicle stapled an oncoming 18-wheeler, which resulted in him turning into his lane. After this, he straight hit another tractor-trailer. Brandon Burlsworth’s post-mortem report indicated additional details about his wound and his demise.

He was buried on May 2, 1999, at Gas Cemetery, Omaha, Arkansas. Now, many people searching to know some more details of his unfortunate accident. His great personality is not more alive among us and we will remember him always.