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What Is The One Chip Challenge? AOC Participates Video Viral Trends Check Reactions




United States Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who is also known by her short name AOC has recently started grabbing headlines after she participated in a challenge after which she started to surface on the internet. Hey, netizens, as you all know that on social media we daily scroll so many weird challenges, however, every single challenge is having something more fun and weirdness but when it comes to talking about food challenges then spice is the first priority for everyone. Get One Chip Challenge Details.

What Is The One Chip Challenge? AOC Participates Video Goes Viral Check Reactions

Well, you must have heard about the JOLO chip challenge, where the company claims that this is the spiciest chip ever landed on earth and the Jolo Chip Challenge became the most loved challenge by people across the globe. But it seems like Jolo is about to be defeated in the terms of spice because there is another chip challenge that has been dropped on social media where people are picking it up to get fame. Recently, an American politician and activist named Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also known as AOC started to trend on social media after the politician took part in a viral social media challenge in her Instagram live. No doubt that you all are keen to know that what is challenge and which is the spiciest chip in the world.

What is the One Chip Challenge?

Paqui One Chip Challenge has taken the internet over as thousand of netizens are picking this challenge for fun and as a result, they all are getting hype. Recently the challenge got more limelight when United States Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez participated in the challenge. Yes, we are talking about the “One Chip Challenge” that firstly got viral at the beginning of 2020 which includes a super hot triangular chip. In the challenge, you basically have to eat a fiery chip, and post eating the chip you just have to avoid any food or drink for as long as one can and usually share it live on social media.

Now the main thing that is being searched is, what is Paqui One Chip Challenge made of so it is a triangle chip that is flavored with Carolina Reaper and Scorpion peppers. However, the challenge can take you back to the time when everyone was trying the Jolo Chip challenge and the same thing you have to do in it because here you will have to show that how long you can last after eating the chip and that too without taking help of any kind of other food or drink. So, if you have tried so hit the comment box and let us know, and if you are thinking to attempt then also share with us.