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What Happened With Kgomotso Vincent Diale? Cause Of Death How Did He Die?




What Happened With Kgomotso Vincent Diale? Cause of Death How Did He Die?, #Happened #Kgomotso #Vincent #Diale #Death #Die Welcome to O L A S M E D IA TV BLOG, This is what we have for you today:

Eskom and City Power group arrived on the road to protest some unlawful energy strains over some kind of controversial ongoing matter. According to the latest updates, a group of people arrived for the protest, it is being said that the protestors are the residents of Pimville. The protestors are the members of Operations Dudula who marched on Monday, 18th April 2022. The protestors were expressing their outrage due to the theft of cables. The entire incident attracted the attention of law enforcement as well. Get more information on who is Kgomotso Vincent Diale Dead and his death cause.


As we mentioned above that during the protest a man named Kgomotso Vincent, a middle-aged man had been eliminated throughout the police investigation. It is being said that the deceased was a father of two. His household is mourning her death and the entire incident went viral all over the Internet gathering the attention of the Internet users. Netizens are trying to fetch out the information on the details of the circumstances wherein Diale was shot down. Police authorities have affirmed that they will soon provide the information on the ongoing issue.

On behalf of the latest reports issued by the police department saying that the houses are illegally connected to creating some nuisance on Wednesday at the time when tightening the wire had been lessened. Almost all of the residents present there have watched the entire scene. Earlier this, authorities also faced the outrage of feminine residents in a large manner. The protest took place due to an official settlement close to Cliptown Square. A number of incidents took place that is still being criticized. A protest against took place later that even claimed the life of an individual.

As per details of the current events, Police Minister Bheki was in the country at the time on Wednesday when the protestors arrived for the march. The minister arrived for briefing Gauteng Police to fetch the details about the latest ongoing criminal activities in the state.

The minister also urged the civilians of a park close to Diale’s house that the Pimville police department required some more crime-fighting instruments. The police asked the gang that he stated that 10 police cars could be offered to the police station. We will get back to you with more information on this till then stay tuned with Social Telecast.


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