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What Happened with Jain Shikanji on Shark Tank India?




What Happened with Jain Shikanji on Shark Tank India?: The first Indian business reality television show “Shark Tank India” is a show which gives the opportunity to entrepreneurs for their startups. This show is the Indian franchise of the American show, it presents entrepreneurs making their business presentations to a panel of investors who decide whether to invest money in their company or not. In the latest episode of the show, the sharks invest a high amount of money in the business of lemonade of a seller. If you are from Mumbai you must be heard the name Jain Shikanki as it is a very famous and well-known brand in North India. Follow More Update On

Shark Tank Jain Shikanji

What Happened with Jain Shikanji on Shark Tank India?

Recently Jain Shikanji in STI pitched the business. They recently projected their business to STI, the episode was telecasted on 4th February 2022. Jain Shikanji in STI, participation in such Television programs views the way businesses are reshaping in India. While primarily the show focuses on startups, Jain Shikanji is a legacy business apart. They have a very outstanding and rich history. They began operations in the year 1937, and their generations kept on boosting it, taking it forward. Jain Shikanji is a quite famous and recognized brand in Delhi, Meerut, Gurgaon, Roorkee, and several other locations. The beverages these brands made are highly healthy and offer a good alternative to Pepsi and Coke.

Shark Tank Jain Shikanji

Today in the period of startups and new business ideas. Though, Jain Shikanki stuck to their vision and legacy which was a simple mandate- “Old Is Gold” they never renounced their customer satisfaction over their growth. Their founding ancestors had operated the business with the smile motto “Customer Is King” and they are following the philosophy till date now.

The differentiator between them and the other startups is not the hackneyed average age of staff, level of technological maturity, a spirit of innovation, or a multitude of other things but the things they already know about their customer. They were entirely aware of the requirements of their customers and what brings smiles to their faces and have continuously strived to live up to the anticipations of their customers.

Whereas a start-up struggles to understand the needs or requirements of its customers, this legacy business knows its customers inside out. Shark Tank India realized and comprehended that Jain Shikanji has been with their customers for several decades and is very well known with the facts that what their customers are looking for. Jain Shikanji informed STI that why they are focusing on expanding their business but it does not mean that they will compromise on their established values. Sharks like the presentation of Jain Shikanji and invested 40 lakhs for 30% Equity.