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Who was Andrew Burson, West Mesa High School Shooting Victim Identified – Age, Photos, and, Instagram!: Andrew Burson is in the talk of the town as he has been identified as the West Mesa High School shooting sufferer. On Friday (25th February 2022) he was shot to demise. Andrew Burson was a teen student who was assassinated on Friday morning. He was shot to death at the eastern side of West Mesa High School. As per the Police, the shooter is believed to be another teen. If you are looking for more details then continue to read this. Follow More Update On

Who Is Andrew Burson?

Andrew Burson of age 16 years old was a student from Albuquerque. He is a pupil at West Mesa High School. It has been stated by a pupil witness that Burson had a brawl when some college pupils reached on campus. One student has explained that officers were trying to rescue students. While Burson was lying down on the playgrounds. After that, he was given CPR on the floor, whilst was not able to survive and lost his life. The shooting incident has also prompted a temporary lockdown at the school. At the same time, cops have probed more than 20 pupils.

Andrew Burson Death Cause And Obituary

Andrew Burson passed away suffering from a gunshot injury. The police believed that he was fatally shot after a brawl with another juvenile. The Police Department of Albuquerque, Cheif Harold Median had released the statement asserting the identity of the victim. He stated that “It comes up the sufferer was a pupil, he may have exited the school and some kind of brawl happened with another individual.”

Andrew Burson: West Mesa High School Shooting Victim

The Chief also mentioned that the shooter is another teenager. Whilst no suspects are in custody at the time. Also, it is not known whether the killer was a fellow pupil or classmate with the sufferer. They believe that gun was carried out at the school. Medina informed: “We do have a suspect recognized and we are attempting to verify to watch if it is indeed the offender.” The Chief has also highlighted the ongoing battle of the city with violent crime. Man slaughtering had reached 117 within the city limits last year.

Andrew Burson Information On The Family Members

Police authorities are yet to release the information on the family members of Andrew Burson. Though the city of Albuquerque and West Mesa High School has provided sympathizes to his mourning family members. Also, a small memorial has begun to shape at the spot where the 16-year-old Andrew Burson took his last breath.