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Watch: Urban Meyer And Mike Vrabel Handshake Viral Video On Social Media




Recently, a shocking video is reported which arrived from Jacksonville, which is surfacing on social media rapidly and setting the fire as well, because as the users are getting acquainted with the video their immense reaction is coming out. Things became worst in Jacksonville when the Jaguars dell to the Titans 20-0 in unsightly fashion on Sunday. after the battle, the exchange between the coaches took place were Urban Meyer and Mike Vrabel, and everything was appearing on the forehead of the Meyer, below you can check the comprehensive details that will give you an idea about the entire scene.

Watch: Urban Meyer And Mike Vrabel Handshake Viral Video On Social Media

According to the reports, the Handshake between Mike and Urban seems inappropriate enough as everything is appearing in the viral video which is setting the heat on the entire social networking sites and bringing massive reactions as well because gestures are enough to the wise. Everyone is commenting that his reactions were miserable enough and did not look well enough as the front coach gave him. This is the reason that he is being slammed by the users badly because everyone is sharing their perspective on the incident because it was weird enough, as you can watch.

Urban Meyer Mike And Vrabel Handshake Viral Video

It is being reported, that in the past few days that arrow of Jaguars has been pointing directly down over. Amidst, some rumors are claiming that the Mater called his staff “Losers” hence, the circumstances took the worst face which made everyone stabled at the same place. All those, who watched the video of his gesture while handshaking is disappointed with him a lot because no one supposed that he could have done this kind of thing in such a manner, hence, he has been surrounded by controversies, and therefore, he is facing the criticism as his expression was saying everything loudly.

So here we have conferred such pieces of vital information that had been derived from the other sources, so when anything comes again we will make you acquainted for sure, because still, the topic is remaining the hot discussion among the netizens as his video is being circulated up to the next level. So you will have to wait for a bit more because still, the reports are coming while claiming the different stories. Because hitherto no statement has been made from his side which can indicate anything, so when we will get more we will update you for sure.