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WATCH: TikTok Jennifer Couture Video Viral Florida ‘Karen’ Video Goes Viral on Social Media!



Netizens are always excited to know more about anything which is recently circulating on social media. They search for the videos and images on social media to get updates from the news. Currently, a video is going viral among them and they are keen to know about this.

Jennifer Video

According to the sources, a video with the name, Jennifer Couture is being viral among netizens. Everyone is keen to know about this and also watching the video in which, she can be seen easily assaulting another girl. So, here are all the updates of the Jennifer Couture Viral Video.

Jennifer Couture Video Viral

A woman, Jennifer Couture has become a topic on the Internet after her assaulting video went viral on social media. She is from Fort Myers, Florida. She left netizens shocked after attempting to run over a pedestrian in her car following a random verbal quarrel between the two.

In the viral video, a woman can be seen coming up to another car and verbally attacking to the owner of the car before snatching her phone. Later, she could be also seen trying to hit the girl with her vehicle inside the parking lot.

When the video went viral on social media, several netizens watched the video and gives their hate reviews over the video. Another side, a Twitter user named @thatdaneshguy identified the woman as Jennifer Couture and also mentioned that her behavior should be reported by the authorities.

The user made two attacks to run over the girl and tried to hit her by her car that was captured on surveillance video in a nearby Dunking Donut shop. Along with this, he also suggested that the woman could also be charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

Later, the video of Jennifer Couture went viral on TikTok which gained huge attention from all over the world after attempting to run over a pedestrian. According to her Facebook profile, Jenniffer Couture is a hairstylist and salon expert based in Myers, Florida.

Along with this, the rumors also started to spread that she is working at Sola Salon Studios in Naples but the company denied accepting that Jennifer is working in their company. Jennifer’s LinkedIn profile says that she is associated with Bella Hair Studio. The video has been watched by millions of netizens and most of the people are supporting the other girl in the video. Her details has not been revealed yet.

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