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Watch Robot Ullu Web Series 2021 Full Episode Online Review Actress Name Age Cast




Once again, the popular Indian streaming platform ULLU is bringing an extremely interesting web series under the title “Robot”. It is not hidden from anyone that the on-demand platform never disappoints its viewers. For the past few months, the creators have been providing the spectators with consecutive series that have been keeping them entertained. Now, to add the entertainment quotient, the makers have announced the release of another gripping series. Here, we will provide all the latest and exclusive details of this upcoming series including actress name, cast, and episode review.

Watch Robot Ullu Web Series 2021 Full Episode Online Review Actress Name Age Cast

The trailer has already been released by the makers of the series on YouTube which has amassed more than 348K views. Besides, it has gained almost 6.9K likes along with a handful of comments. As the concept is quite new and unique for this genre, the viewers are excited to watch it and want to know what will they be going to watch in this new and latest series of the app. Well, as the trailer itself suggests, the series follows a story of a robot. A girl is shown as a robot entering the life of two men whose identity will be revealed after the series only.

Watch Robot Ullu Web Series 2021 Episode Online

The makers have added a description beneath the video uploaded on YouTube which reads that a girl having no emotions is filled with love and wants a destination for her love story and will she be able to reach it. Well, this will only be found out in the series. Talking about the actress name, Jinnie Jaaz is playing the lead role as she is portraying the character of a robot who is meant to bring changes in the other characters’ lives. Apart from Jinnie, the details of the other cast are not known.

The Robot will be released on December 24, 2021, on the Ullu app. The viewers having a subscription to the said app would be able to watch the latest Hindi series. Whereas, people who don’t have paid for the subscription will have to pay first to watch the series. Since it will be released a day before Christmas, the makers are expecting that it would get decent views and reviews. Ullu has released some gripping series earlier as well including Relationship Counsellor, Charmsukh, Chawl House, Aate Ki Chakki, Tuition Teacher and many more. Follow our site to get the latest updates on these upcoming series.