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Watch Kundali Bhagya Written Update 20th December 2021 Episode: Sherlyn Plans To Make Karan Remarry




So much is happening in Zee TV’s serial Kundali Bhagya. From delivering back to back shocking twists to taking a leap of two years, the show has been managing to attract the audience towards it. In the latest written update of the serial, Sherlyn pretends to be a good bahu in front of the family members, especially at Rakhi. She instigates Rakhi by speaking against Preeta. Sherlyn fuels Rakhi’s ears by saying Preeta intentionally snatched the happiness of Luthra house as she is responsible for Pihu’s death.

Kundali Bhagya 20th dec 2021

Sherlyn further adds that because of Preeta, Mahesh’s condition worsen and he reached the mental asylum. Sherlyn says that she is grateful that Preeta never came back and wants her to stay away from her family as she only brings misfortune. Sherlyn tells Rakhi not to wait for Preeta as she is not going to return as she knows she is the reason behind the family’s unhappiness. Later, Sherlyn says Prithvi helped the family by taking over the business as Karan had gone into depression and wasn’t able to handle it properly.

Sherlyn doesn’t stop here and continues to provoke Rakhi. She says that because of Preeta, their family is in such a state and suggests to Rakhi that she should remarry Karan. Sherlyn assures that she will find a perfect bride for Karan who will actually bring happiness to their lives once again. Here, Preeta listens to their conversation and gets angry thinking how smartly she is instigating Rakhi against her. Preeta thinks that Sherlyn succeeded in bringing Prithvi back into the house and spoiled everyone’s life.

In the next scene, Prithi and Sherlyn pretend to get involved in a fight in front of the family so that they can prove to the Luthras that they are in no way related to each other. However, the couple is still together and planning against the family. Later, Sherlyn tells Prithvi that she thinks Mahesh might die if they continue to torture him like this. She says that they can lose the property if that happens. Prithvi asks her not to worry as he will make Mahesh alive and even has a backup plan.

Prithvi tells Sherlyn that in Rishab’s name, she will get around 50% property. Sherlyn gets curious and asks what if Preeta came back and claimed Karan’s property. She asks Prithvi to bring a girl into Karan’s life so that he can remarry and forget about Preeta. Sherlyn tells that she will bring Natasha into Karan’s life and tell everyone that she is her sister. For more updates, follow our site.





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