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Watch: Dineo Ranaka Dancing Video, Embarrassing Umlando Dance Challenge On The Top Of Office Furniture Went Viral!




Watch: Dineo Ranaka Dancing Video, Embarrassing Umlando Dance Challenge On The Top Of Office Furniture Went Viral: Hello guys a really embarrassing and weird video has surfaced on various social media. This is reportedly a dance video of a woman named Dineo Ranaka. Since the video got viral on the Internet, she has become an Internet sensation. And spotted dancing with her belly and in tight grey pants. When the video went viral, she was immediately suspended from the show on Metro Fm. Reportedly, she was dancing on the top of office furniture at a Studio HOuse in Oakland Park. Follow our website CmaTrends for more updates!!!!

Dineo Ranaka Dancing Video

Dineo Ranaka Dancing Video

She has commented that she was performing a challenge called the Umlando challenge. We only know a ton of food challenges are viral on social media sites like talk and Instagram and people are following them. And immediately when her Newser reached the higher corporate affairs, she was suspended from her post. But the video is really entertaining and people are really liking it. Her dance moves are killing. The corporation didn’t even know, released a statement, and just suspended her.

Dineo Ranaka UmladoChallenge Video Went Viral

People are happy with the video, but some of them are criticizing her for action. Our user commented that such a dancer’s moves must not be performed in the workplace. There must be discipline in the workplace. Officers are not made for making videos for social media sites. But some people are in support of the video. But even her colleagues on the team were supporting her in the dance moves. A lot of well-known celebrities are performing the challenge on Instagram and Facebook.

Who Is Dineo Ranaka? Wikipedia Biography Age

They are sharing the videos and they are getting a lot of attention. We must producer and radio personality. She usually pretty presented the bridge show on weekdays. Now she has been replaced by her own colleague. She is looking really sexy in the dance moves. People are really like the way she, swirling and dabbles. Even who knows, maybe some popular dance choreographer is watching her and may give her a chance. Sudden opportunities have become really popular in modern times. Where a lot of social media celebrities get opportunities on big platforms.

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