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WATCH: 14-Year-Old Ukrainian Girl Killed Video




WATCH: 14-Year-Old Ukrainian Girl Killed Video – Ukraine Girl On Bike Missile & Girl Riding Bike Ukraine Twitter: Recently, there is a piece of news coming out on the internet that a 14-year-old Ukrainian girl was hit by a Russian missile. The video is getting viral on Twitter. Many people were giving negative responses to the Russian country. In this article, we gonna discuss the little girl. Without wasting any time, let’s begin. Follow More Update On

14-Year-Old Ukrainian Girl Killed Video

14-Year-Old Ukrainian Girl Killed Video

In the CCTV footage, you can see that a poor 14-year-old Ukrainian girl was killed after being hit by a Russian missile. All footage is available in a 50-second video which was uploaded on the Reddit platform. Many people have watched it. The video still gaining views to this point. If you watched it clearly then you can see that girl is roaming on the road. Suddenly, a missile came out and hit her very badly.

Ukraine Girl On Bike Missile Video

Girl Getting Hit by a Missile Twitter video has also shown on TV while Russian soldiers were attacking Ukraine yesterday. In the footage, you can see that a big bast broke the parking cars mirrors and windows. The innocent girl was standing behind the car when the missile came. It was sad that she can’t even run when the whole incident happened. The girl was trying to lift her body before she finally dies. Many users were reacted to this incident. The users flooded onto social media and they are standing in the favour of her.


Girl Riding Bike Ukraine Twitter Video

Many social media sites like Facebook, Reddit, and others were giving tribute to her and describing it as an injustice. So many people have lost their lives in the past 24 hrs after Russia invades Ukraine just like this Girl Riding Bike is hit by Missile. Nobody knows how long it will take to settle back into the normal situation. Many were tense, worried and wanted to know when the country’s relations get back to normal. Some even say that if this continues then the war takes place on a massive level.

Girl Riding Bike In Ukraine Gets Hit By Missile Video

The innocent girl who lost their life. Their parents were in a sad situation. They are crying and they want justice for their girl. Many of her close relatives, her friends, her families have also raised their voices in the name of her. She was too young to lost her life. She has her whole life, she has dreams, she wants to grow up not in the eyes of the public, but in the eyes of parents. Because she wanted to raise up in the eyes of her parents and wanted to prove that a girl can also succeed.


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