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Wasafi Vice President Publicly Humiliates Diamond’s Father






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Diamond Platnumz’s brother Romy Jons publicly made fun of their want away step-father for trying to associated with their family.

Jons’ mockery comes after the step-father, Uncle Shamte tried to cheer up Diamond for his upcoming music tour in the United States in a comment of his Instagram post.

Uncle Shamte took to Diamond’s timeline asking him to let his fans and followers now that the United States is ready to welcome him.

Diamond Platnumz and his elder brother DJ Romy Jons. Photo: Instagram “AMERICA IS Ready FPR YOU…” Uncle Shante commented on Diamond’s Instagram photo.

His comment triggered a reply from Jons who seemed to question why he is still on Diamond’s business yet he has already been sent away from their family.

“@uncle_shamte ANKO ANGU SI UMEKUFUNZWA WEWE…”  Romy Jons asked the Shamte.

Jons reply comes a week after Mama Dangote, Diamond’s mother, confirmed that she had sent away the estranged husband from their marital home.

Romy Jons Mama Dangote is said said to have chased her husband following a disagreement with Diamond who reportedly viewed Uncle Shamte as a liability to his family.

A Tanzanian blogger reported that Diamond had a fight with the mother because he noted Uncle Shamte was not making any process in his life and was only there, in their family, to eat without adding any value.

Uncle Shamte Depite the public humiliation from Jons, Uncle Shamte never backed down, he told the Wasafi Vice-President that though he was been chased away from their family, he was still up-to-date with what is happening in Diamond’s life.

“@romyjons NDIYO ILA NAJUA KAMA MWANANGU ANA SHOW AMERICA,” Shamte replied to Roy’s mockery that made him a laughing stock on social media.

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