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Warner Bros Sued Over Hybrid Release Decision Of The Keanu Reeves Starrer




The Matrix Resurrections: Warner Bros Faces Lawsuit Over The Film's Streaming Release
Warner Bros Sued Over The Release Of The Matrix Resurrections In Theatres & On HBO Max (Pic Credit: Movie Still, Warner Bros logo)

Warner Bros’ The Matrix Resurrections was released in December last year in both theatres and on HBO Max. It is the 4th part of the iconic sci-fi film series whose third part came out in 2003. After eighteen years, fans were able to watch Keanu Reeves return as Neo and Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity.

However, a lot of moviegoers expressed their disappointment after watching the film, which has garnered mixed reviews from the critics and audience. Now, after more than a month since its release, WB is being sued over its decision of giving the movie a hybrid release.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Village Roadshow Entertainment, a production company that has worked with Warner Bros for years on several projects, has filed a lawsuit against WB for releasing Keanu Reeves starrer The Matrix Resurrections on HBO Max and in theatres at the same time, which allegedly violates the terms of the contract.

Just last year, we saw Scarlett Johansson doing the same with Disney because of their hybrid release decision of Black Widow, which even she claimed to breach their contract. The Matrix Resurrections underperformed at the box office, even lower than the previous three films, with just collecting $37 million domestically and $153 million worldwide. This is one of the reasons behind Warner Bros being sued.

The suit also claims that the Keanu Reeves starrer being released in theatres and for streaming at the same time robbed it of doing better at the box office and a victim of piracy, which Village Roadshow Entertainment claims WB knew would happen.

The studio is also claiming that Warner Bros is attempting to cut them out from any future projects. Other than The Matrix Resurrections, both the studios have worked on the previous three films from the sci-fi franchise led by Keanu Reeves, American Sniper, and Joker.

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