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Wanjigi Joins Ruto In Opposing Raila’s Agenda






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ODM presidential candidate Jimmy Wanjigi has joined Deputy President William Ruto in opposing Raila Odinga’s proposal to give Ksh.6,000 monthly stipend to unemployed youths.

Wanjigi noted that Raila’s is not economically viable for the country. The businessman said that Kenya is already struggling to clear its international debts and cannot afford to pay its said amount to the youth.

Speaking at AIPCA Kutus, Kirinyaga County on Sunday noted that the country would spend up to Ksh 300 billion a year to pay the stipend.

“According to records by the government, there are 4 million unemployed youths, and if we give each of them Ksh 6,000, the country would spend Ksh 300 billion per year,” Wanjigi explained.

Wanjigi termed Raila’s proposal as unpractical and unfair for Kenyans working class. According to him, the proposal will mean that the employed will have to work hard for the country so that it pays the unemployed.

“Let the resources of hardworking Kenyans be channeled to national development programs other than the unemployed,” he said.

Wanjigi challenged Raila to push for full implementation of the national social security act that provides the government with a framework of how it can financially help the unemployed youth instead of pushing for the stipend.

Wanjigi’s statement comes after DP Ruto also dismissed Raila’s social welfare program terming it discriminatory. Ruto noted that the stipend will only target a certain group of people and leave out the vulnerable group who needs the money the most.

“If he gives unemployed youths Ksh 6,000, what about the Mama Mboga and the others… Who will address their economic challenges? Who will empower them?” Ruto posed while in a rally in Kwale county.

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