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Wamatangi hits Gov. Mutua below the belt, hints at Lilian in awkward moment captured live






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Kenyan politicians are known for their savagery and lack of decorum. Nothing is ever off the table with them, and everything goes. However, for some strange reason that is pretty hard to explain, all politicians have practiced incredible restraint regarding governor Mutua’s divorce, and the subsequent hooking up with a musician of his wife. No one has made any smart-ass comment, and they appear to respect his privacy. If anything, all the noise has been coming from bloggers. Nevertheless, if perhaps there had been an agreed upon grace period, it seems to be over, and Kiambu senator Kimani Wamatangi is the first one to come collect.

A very weird moment went down during Citizen TV’s morning show Daybreak which was hosted by Trevor Ombija. The tension in the studio was palpable. Nay. The tension in the studio was solid and could actually be cut with a knife.

Among those present were Machakos governor Dr. Alfred Mutua, Kiambu senator and Senate Chief Whip Kimani Wamatangi, former Kakamega senator Bonny Khalwale and human rights activist Jerotich Seii.

It all started with the current trending topic of Uhuru Kenyatta and his family who were exposed of stashing money abroad by an international organisation of journalists, in an exposé titled Pandora Papers.

Weighing in on the topic, governor Mutua totally criticised corruption, but at the same time made it clear that everyone was free to invest his money wherever he or she sees fit, and doesn’t have to disclose his personal details.

When Wamatangi began to speak he gave an anecdote which appeared to speak volumes about Mutua, although he didn’t mention any names.

He started on a very scathing note, saying that politicians didn’t have the luxury of divorcing their private lives from their public lives. With this statement, unease rent the studio as everyone wondered where Wamatangi was going with this although it was pretty obvious.

He then proceeded to narrate the story of a young lady who wanted to climb a tree and pluck some fruits, yet she had on a skirt. When she eventually decided to go up the tree, she then began looking down every second wondering who might he staring at her from below yet she knew very well what she was getting herself into, and the scrutiny that was bound to follow.

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