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Vigia returns in her own comic at the next Marvel mega-event






Uatu, the Watchman who decided to embrace humans, was introduced to the mass audience of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe (MCU) through the Disney+ series What If…?, where the entity narrates the various alternative universes of the MCU. And, taking advantage of the character’s new exposure, he will star in a comic one-shot (closed story published in a single issue) in 2022.

Warning: Spoilers to follow!

O one-shot from Uatu will be part of the event The Reckoning War, and will show the Watcher shortly after his resurrection.

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According to the writer of the future Marvel saga, Dan Slott, the Watcher is one of the key pieces of the plot, as he and his race were witness, in the past, of something that has strong connections with the events of the mega-event.

For now, the final title of one-shot has not yet been defined, but according to Slott, the story is being called internally The Watchman’s Judgment. This title refers to a story published in the 1970s of the same name where the Watch race judged Uatu for his interference in terrestrial challenges.

The Watchman’s Death and Return

Uatu was murdered and had his eyes put out by Nick Fury in 2014, in the saga Original sin, with the superspy claiming that he murdered the entity out of fear of what dark forces might do if they obtained the Watcher’s eyes, as they witnessed and recorded many secrets during all the millennia of the cosmic being’s performance.

At the conclusion of the event, Uatu’s murder caused the former director of SHIELD to be condemned by the other Watchers to become the entity The Unseen, in addition to being forced to live on the Moon and never interfere in terrestrial events.

Only in 2020 did Uatu come back to life, after six years without appearing in any story. In the magazine Empyre Fallout: Fantastic Four #1, after mysterious beings known as The First Race are mentioned, the Watcher resurrects and, somberly, claims that a reckoning is at hand.

Settlement of accounts, in English, can be translated as reckoning, demonstrating a potential connection to the next Marvel saga.

Uatu’s resurrection was made possible by his fellow Watchers having merged part of him with Nick Fury, in the process of turning the House of Ideas veteran into The Unseen. However, the entity only managed to come back to life when it realized the urgent situation that began to form in the Marvel Universe.

Fury, with the return of Uatu, accepts to be its herald, to assist in the investigation of the weapons that the Cotati race, the great antagonists of the saga empyrean, were using. As revealed at the end of the event, these equipments originate from a cosmic race known only as The First Race, until now, in the comics.

This investigation may be interpreted by the other Watchers as an interference by Uatu, justifying the possible name of The Watchman’s Judgment for your one-shot. But until we have more concrete announcements, it’s all just speculation.

For now, we are only sure that, like other events, The Reckoning War will bring adventures and very impacting events to the universe of Marvel’s comics, but this time involving one of the most interesting cosmic entities of the publisher.

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