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VIDEO: Karen Pees On Floor Video Went Viral, Karen Walmart Video CCTV Footage Explained!




VIDEO: Karen Pees On Floor Video Went Viral, Karen Walmart Video CCTV Footage Explained: Hello everyone, and a really interesting video is going viral all over various social networking sites. The show reportedly footage of a woman peeing on the floor in a Walmart outlet has been caught and became a trending topic on the internet. Last year we saw a couple of such videos where some guys and even sometimes some females were peeing in public stores. The Identity of the woman has been reported as Karen. So according to some local media reports the woman was caught stealing from the store and when the employees came to won her she started arguing with them. Follow our website CmaTrends for more updates!!!!!!!!

Karen Pees On Floor Video

Karen Pees On Floor Video

The argument became really heated and she started abusing them and saying bad words. She was using I really hate language and was spotted continuously repeating that you are a b****, this whole f****** society is a b****. 2 to 3 Walmart employees came to silence and get the situation under control. But instead of improving the situation, the situation got even worse when she started to pee on the floor. Other customers who were present on the incident spot quickly recorded her on their mobile phones and made the video viral on the internet.

Karen Walmart Video

We don’t have the information of which Walmart store was it and what was the reason behind the whole incident. The local police are handling the case now and are saying that they have the video footage that confirms that she was stealing from the store. You could face some really serious legal issues if her guilt is proved. Now the people all around social media are expressing their opinions and debating. Although employees of the store we do not see harming or abusing the lady. They were trying to calm her.

Who Is Karen?

The footage is available across social media and spreading like Wildfire. All the other customers during that time were really shocked and devastated by the horrible behavior of the women. No official statement by the police is available right now and there is no confirmation about the rest of the women but we will update you as soon as some official comments from the authorities of the women arrive. So till then stay tuned with us for more breaking news.

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