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Video: James Iannazzo Smoothie Video Went Viral On Twitter, Merrill Lynch Man Throw Smoothie On Jim Iannazzo, What Happened!




Video: James Iannazzo Smoothie Video Went Viral On Twitter, Merrill Lynch Man Throw Smoothie On Jim Iannazzo, What Happened: And here is where you can discover much more about the video. Inside the face of oppression, discrimination, violence, as well as other challenges, social networking became a strong instrument for individuals to get a say and solidarity. On Facebook and TikTok, footage of a bigot hurling trash at restaurant workers has gone viral on social media. Follow our website CmaTrends for more updates!!!!!

James Iannazzo Smoothie Video

James Iannazzo Smoothie Video

A similar event occurred lately. People may be seen releasing information to the world using online media including Twitter, Instagram, but now TikTok. The ladies posted a clip of the occurrence on TikTok, where it received lots of users almost immediately. A bigoted guy who harrassed 4 female restaurant staff took to the internet to get much publicity. James is a Merrill Lynch Financial Planning Adviser & Senior Director. James Lannazzo, a Merrill Lynch employee, has indeed been recognized in a videotape of a bigoted guy who went viral on The internet.

He looks being a well, deeply ingrained loving father in general. He is also a fully qualified investment manager and qualified financial adviser, and a student of the University of Cincinnati. Since October 1995, he had worked with the firm. Lannazzo looks to be in his forties depending on his looks. In his present area, he has over 15 years of industry experience. In the footage, a guy named James Lannazzo shouted racial remarks & attempted to harm a female by tossing a milkshake at her. It’s difficult to think that what mature, rich individual works at a prominent firm could commit a such horrific crime.

James Iannazzo From Merrill Lynch Video Twitter

We do not even know, sir,” the ladies kindly said. In the clip, James began ranting at staff and questioning who prepared his milkshakes. He referred to them as foreigners, high school students who were uneducated, etc. The guy then turned aggressive, assaulting them ethnically and physically. The movie has received over ten million views and continues to increase. Footage with four workers getting physically and physically attacked by James Lannazzo became viral on TikTok at first.

According to the description box, James began yelling racial obscenities and yelling at coworkers a second first before the video was shot. cjjbreezy, who looks to be the woman’s boss, was the first one to upload it. The second sample of a clip was also published, in which Cjjbreezy thanks everyone for their solidarity and announced that man had been apprehended and prosecuted. She continued by stating anybody who spotted it in Fairfield needed to get in touch with her.