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VIDEO: Is Inno Morolong Arrested After attacks friend in bloody fight: Twitter Reacts




VIDEO: Is Inno Morolong Arrested After attacks friend in bloody fight: Twitter Reacts: A piece of really shocking news is hitting the headlines about Inno Morolong who has left several people shocked on social media. Yes, you read it right that this time, Morolong made every stunned by her act. Recently, she was accused of beating one of her close female friends badly after a night out. This news has been going viral on social media widely. It is especially going viral on Twitter. Several social media users have been reacting to the news and giving their opinion on this matter. In this article, we have brought the complete report of the incident so stay tuned till the end. Follow More Update On

Inno Morolong Fight Video

Is Inno Morolong Arrested?

Recently, Inno Morolong has left the people shocked on the Twitter timeline after she was accused of beating her friend after hanging out at night. The popular influencer and club promoter, Inn Morolong is getting viral on social media since some of her friend’s pictures went viral in which she can be seen completely bloodied and bruised. Several pictures of Morolong’s friend have been circulating on the internet and the netizens have been shocked to see those pictures. Her friend is injured seriously.

Inno Morolong Fight Video: Twitter Reacts

As we all know that Inno Morolong is mainly known for her craze actions. She herself admitted that she had a history of being crazy. Again, she made headlines for some of her craziest actions. As per the reports of celebrity blogger Musa Khawula, Inn Morolong and her friends were coming out of a nightclub and going to her hotel room. During which, one of Inno’s friends denied tagging her along and as a result, she was thrashed by the star.

In the viral video on Twitter, the unidentified woman can be seen with many scratches on her face and blood dripping down from her left hand. After the incident, the Sandton police station was immediately reported to the incident. In November, Morolong was accused of cyberbullying rapper Gigi Lamayne and threatening her to beat up. Once, she also claimed that she enrolled in anger management classes and also placed an apology to Gigi Lamayne. She said that she was on a mission to stay sober, at that time. Since the news broke out, people have been reacting to the victim’s post and expressing their concern for her. There is no information is available on whether Moroliong was arrested or not? If we get any updates regarding the case, we’ll let you know for sure. Bookmark our site to catch further information.