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Veteran singer OZI Leaked Video Leave Twitter Scandalized




VIDEO: Veteran singer OZI Leaked Video Leave Twitter Scandalized: It seems like video leaking becomes a new trend these days. On daily basis, we usually watched several s*x videos all over the web. In this line-up, one more video has been added who is currently trending and creating a sensation amongst the netizens. The leaked s*x video belongs to a youth sensation and popular singer OZI. He has been constantly in the news for the past few days after his former wife made a sensational reveal about him. The public and his fan were stunned with an exciting 48-second video featuring Chinese singer, OZI with his former lover. Follow More Update On

OZI Video

OZI Video

The name of the singer and songwriter OZI is becoming a great topic in the world, especially in China. He is a well-known, OZI is a Chinese-American singer, rapper, and songwriter. But this time this R&B and Hip Hop genre singer is not come into the limelight due to his work but because of his porn video scandal which is currently circulating all over the web. Recently, the virtual world in China was stunned by a hot video in cyberspace. As per the reports, there was 49-second nasty video footage was leaked on several social media platforms.

Veteran singer OZI Leaked Video

Singer’s former wife Keanna began to disclose she was sexually engaged with OZI. A 49-second video that was leaked had reportedly showcased bathroom intimate scenes between OZI and his former girlfriend (not Keanna). Netizens suspected that the male figure which was shown in the video was singer, songwriter OZI.

After that, a number of media instantly attempted to confirm this hot news to OZI and the answer was unexpected. His agency later accepted that the male figure was indeed OZI and OZI also had known and viewed the video. It was confirmed on Tuesday, 18th January 2022 and his agency also disclosed the reaction of his client. However, OZI is still busy with his work commitment.

Veteran singer OZI Video Explained

Though it is undeniable that his feelings and moods are affected by this viral news. The agency stated that OZI was looking for some time to consult. However, his agency also described that the lady shown in the video was his former girlfriend and that the two had long since broken up which clearly means that the p*rn video has been recorded for a long time. Even in the viral video OZI also does not have a tattoo, and the evaluated time maybe 4 to 5 years ago.

Ozi further stated that this woman in the video could not be contacted at this time. The agency said, “She is an outsider, and I am worried about the girl as her face is clearly visible”. As per the netizens who broke the news, the person who is responsible for the video is the woman.