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Vera Sidika’s Ex Reacts To Her Pregnancy






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Tanzanian doctor and socialite Vera Sidika’s ex-boyfriend Jimmy Chansa has responded to the socialite expecting baby number one.

Jimmy explained that he has no problem with her decision to get pregnant, noting that everyone has their choice, and being a mother was Vera’s decision and he respects it.

“Everyone has a choice of whom they would love to get a child with. A child is a big blessing. If you have something in your hands and let it go, it means it was destined to be that way,”

Jimmy says that he has no regrets in terms of breaking up with Vera Sidika.

“No one loves me more than I love myself. It is okay to break up with someone and then that someone gets a child with somebody else. That’s their choice.”


As for Jimmy, he has said that he is not ready to become a dad any time soon. But also added that when the time is right, he doesn’t see why not.

If I want a child, I will get one. There are eight billion people in the world and it’s not my time to get a child. God is the one that gives children. To me a getting a child is not a priority for now. If the time comes, there are approximately four billion women in the world.

Vera Sidika once oped up about her relationship with Jimmy and she said the following.

“One of the most unfortunately traumatic experiences I have ever had amongst all my relationships. Never judge a book by its cover and sometimes the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know

“End up? It wouldn’t even have reached 7 months if I wanted it too. Ata hizo 5 months I tried so so hard, it was terrible. Honestly, I am happy I didn’t continue doing that to myself,” she said.

Jimmy Chansa

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