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US Offers Vice President Salary to Cybersecurity Specialists






The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) of the US government announced this Tuesday (16) a program to recruit cybersecurity professionals. The goal is to hire 150 experts by the end of 2022 for what the administration calls “priority roles”, focused on combating cyber attacks focused primarily on critical national infrastructures.

The so-called Cybersecurity Talent Management System (CTMS) is a response to the aforementioned crisis in the digital security market, with a shortage of qualified professionals and low salaries. The government’s idea is to change this scenario, keeping a record of those interested in working for the Department of Homeland Security and making the hiring process more assertive and faster, according to the specialists’ capabilities and competitive salaries.

In some cases, payments can reach US$ 255,800 per year, similar to the salary of the Vice President of the United States in 2021, but with a possible extension, in specific cases, which can take the amount up to US$ 332 ,1,000 per year. Workers sought include cyber incident analysis and response experts, network and systems engineers, intelligence, investigation, computer forensics and software quality consulting professionals, as well as those focused on monitoring and locating vulnerabilities.

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According to the Department of Homeland Security, this is the biggest change in its history in terms of the process of recruiting and hiring professionals. A fruit of our time, in which the demand for specialists has soared, but not in a way that keeps up with the growth in the volume of attacks, with coups involving food, energy and telecommunications companies, among other essential sectors, being a reason for additional attention from the government.

The launch of CTMS is also part of US President Joe Biden’s pledge that digital security would be his top priority. Among the measures are direct involvement in investigations into attacks against SolarWinds and Microsoft Exchange systems, for example, an elevation in the importance of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) status, and even comments on the possibility cybercrime to become analogous to terrorism.

Vacancy registrations, as well as more details on job titles and sought after experts, can be made through the US Government Department of Homeland Security website. There are openings from student programs to full-fledged professionals, as well as opportunities aimed at veterans of the war.

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