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US confirms drone attack on suicide bomber vehicle






The United States on Sunday confirmed a drone attack on a vehicle with “multiple suicide bombers” that allegedly targeted the evacuation zone at Kabul airport.

Bill Urban, spokesman for the Central Command of US troops, said the drone attack was a “self-defense” action and he said that he was not aware, so far, of the occurrence of any civil victims.

“We are confident that we have successfully hit the target,” Urban said, adding that the occurrence of significant secondary explosions from the vehicle indicated that it was carrying “a substantial amount of explosive material“.

This was a new drone attack directed by US forces after Thursday’s attack on Kabul airport, which left at least 170 dead and more than a hundred injured.

On Saturday, another drone attack in Nangarhar province killed two senior members of the Islamic State in Afghanistan.

The information comes shortly after an explosion caused by a missile has killed at least five people, three of them children, upon reaching a house in the 15th district of the Afghan capital, near the airport.

The attack, whose responsibility remains unknown, came 24 hours after the Pentagon issued a warning Saturday about “credible threats” against its mission in Afghanistan, which focuses on the Kabul airport.

According to the warning, threats could be the “most dangerous to date”, after the attack on Thursday.

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