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United Kingdom on the list of countries subject to quarantine to enter Portugal





Passengers from the UK will be subject to quarantine for 14 days after entering mainland Portugal.

The UK has been included in the list of countries whose citizens will be subject to quarantine 14 days after entry into mainland Portugal, determines an order published by the Government, which enters into force this Monday.

Passengers from the United Kingdom may, however, be exempt from confinement “if provided with proof of vaccination carried out in that country, and that certifies the complete vaccination schedule of the respective holder, for at least 14 days, with a vaccine against covid-19 with authorization for marketing under Regulation (EC) No. 726/2004″, reads in the dispatch.

Order 6326-A/2021, published in the Diário da República, in the 1st supplement, of series II today, includes the lists of countries and international sporting competitions to which the rules on air traffic, airports, land borders apply , maritime and river.

To this list of countries – so far composed by the South Africa, Brazil, India, and Nepal – joins the United Kingdom, whose citizens from there must also comply, after entering mainland Portugal, “a period of prophylactic isolation of 14 days, at home or in a place indicated by the health authorities”.

The same diploma includes the list of countries and administrative regions “whose epidemiological situation is in accordance with Recommendation (EU) 2020/912 of the Council, of June 30, 2020, and respective updates, whose air traffic to and from Portugal continental is authorized, subject to confirmation of reciprocity”.

This list includes Albania, Australia, South Korea, United States of America, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, New Zealand, Rwanda, Singapore, Thailand, Republic of Northern Macedonia, People’s Republic of China, Serbia, Taiwan, and the special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macao.

In addition, the document includes a list of sporting competitions that allow the participants waive the isolation period.

From the list of international professional sporting competitions, “whose participation exempts the respective passengers on flights to mainland Portugal from the duty to comply with a period of prophylactic isolation of 14 days”, are part of 23 events, to be held until July.

Lists can be found here.

Last Friday, the Madeira archipelago, the Balearic Islands and some of the Caribbean, including Barbados, were added to the “green list” of international travel and exempt from quarantine upon arrival in England.

This means that Brits can travel to the Portuguese archipelago without having to quarantine on their return.

The covid-19 pandemic caused at least 3,919,801 victims worldwide, resulting from 180,725,470 officially diagnosed cases of infection, according to the balance made by the French agency AFP.

In Portugal, 17,084 people died and 874,547 cases of infection were confirmed, according to the most recent bulletin of the General Directorate of Health.

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