Uncharted 4 should be the next PlayStation exclusive to arrive on the PC


Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End should be the next PlayStation exclusive game to arrive on the PC. The news appeared in a Sony tax report, presented to investors as part of a company business event, with the Naughty Dog title logo appearing alongside Days Gone on the list of upcoming releases for computers, fueled by the success of Horizon Zero Dawn on this platform.

According to the presentation, the Guerilla game, which represented the beginning of the idea of ​​bringing exclusive titles to more players on PCs, was a considerable success, with a return of more than 250% on the investment made for the port. For Sony, the launch brought new fans to the brand and, while using Horizon to focus on countries like China, Russia and India, the PC relaunch sequence should continue.

Days Gone it also appears on the list, which launched last week. There is, however, no expected date for the arrival of Uncharted 4 to PCs, with the report showing only that launches on the PlayStation line consoles and also outside of them should become a trend, also confirmed by the success of MLB The Show 21, a multiplatform game from the company’s proprietary studios that is not only available in the competition, but was also released on its launch on the Xbox Game Pass.

The document also brought a second interesting aspect of this expansion of brands and franchises, indicating that Sony also wants to take its games to the mobile market. Only one mention of the segment was made in the report, without ads or forecasts, with the quote not making it clear whether the company is talking about a cloud gaming system, such as Microsoft’s xCloud, which would allow access to the original titles, or new ones versions or experiences focused on mobile devices.

The initiative also joins the arrival of other previous exclusives from PlayStation platforms to the PC, albeit at the hands of partner studios. Death Stranding, by Hideo Kojima, and the narrative titles from Quantic Dream – Detroit: Become Human, Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain – are also available on the platform, while there is an expectation, also, of launches of Demon’s Souls and the remake of Final Fantasy VII, which have had computer versions cited in official materials quickly taken down.

In any case, for Sony and PlayStation segment director Jim Ryan, this is a good way to bring established titles to a new audience and, at the same time, increase the return on development costs. The measure does not appeal to the more narrow-minded fans of the platform, but the numbers demonstrate that, from the business point of view, this is a very interesting alternative.

Change numbers

For the rest, the report also brought other interesting conclusions about players’ habits, with 25% of spending on the PlayStation Store coming from free games. Today, the PlayStation 4 still represents 70% of Sony’s earnings base, but the expectation is that this balance will change as the availability of the PlayStation 5 starts to fall into line, since there is a perception that early adopters tend to invest more money in games on their behalf.

There is, for example, an 8% higher expense among buyers of the PlayStation 5 version without a disk drive, but an interesting angle to be mentioned here. In this segment, there is a 17% drop in the purchase of complete games compared to the owners of the PlayStation 4, but at the same time, a 62% increase in the purchase of additional content and in-game materials, something that, for the manufacturer, shows that the slightly cheaper model may be preferred by players of titles free-to-play.

In the report, Sony also reaffirmed the continuity of support for the PS4 throughout the year 2021, indicating an expectation of 70 million consoles still in full use by December. In the period, there will be 20 million PS5, in a balance that should still take time to happen and, with that, it becomes good news for players who are still in the old generation.

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