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Umida Nazarova Death From Accident Video On Twitter Explained




WATCH: Umida Nazarova Death From Accident Video On Twitter Explained: 21 years old pregnant woman Umida Nazarova is hitting the headlines as she died in a fatal accident. Yes, you read it right that a pregnant woman lost her life in an accident. The video of the accident has been going viral on the internet and gaining much attention from the netizens. The video has been circulating on Twitter and many people have been watching it. It was such a disturbing video. The woman has died after being involved in a machine accident. People have been searching to know what exactly happened to her. Here, we have brought all the needed information about the accident. Follow More Update On

Umida Nazarova

Umida Nazarova Death From Accident

According to the reports, Umida Nazarova, 21 has passed away in a deadly accident in an industry in Borisov, Belarus. It all happened when her hair got stuck in one of the machines and she was strangled by her own hair. At the time of her death, she was 7 weeks pregnant and was searching for a job. It has been reported that she was in the factory and was given an interview for a job where she met with a tragic accident and died.

Umida Nazarova was a pregnant woman who died from wounds after her scalp was ripped off her hair when her hair was stuck in a machine. She suffered from several injuries which left her unresponsive. She remained unconscious before dying. A picture of a machine with her hair strands has been going viral on social media platforms. After the accident, the police were informed immediately about the accident. Later, her family members were informed by the police.

There is no information has come about her husband or boyfriend. Her family is in deep grief after losing two members of the family members- Umida and her unborn baby. After getting the news, her family is in trauma right now. The pregnant woman was only 21 years old at the time of her death. She held Belarusian nationality. Her family members confirmed the news to local media. Her mother has revealed the accident to a news portal.

After this accident, a factory employee was arrested by police officers. The factory worker is charged with a failure to complete official duties due to carelessness that becomes the reason behind the death of a lady. This was such a heartbreaking accident. We hope that the family comes out of this sorrow soon. May her soul Rest In Peace.