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Uhuru’s Allies Rubbish Calls By Religious Leaders For A Uhuruto Reunion






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Religious leaders have no moral authority to purport to be trying to broker a truce between President Uhuru Kenyatta and his embattled deputy William Ruto, allies of the President have said.

Members of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops have been trying to reunite the two, who have since parted ways, warning that the hatred being seen between them could cost the country.

But allies of Uhuru have raised questions about this initiative, finding it interesting that the same people who have been helping Ruto embarrass the President have now realized his (the President) worth.

The are wondering why the very same church, which has been giving Ruto the platform to attack the President, including in his own Mt Kenya backyard, now want him to reunite with the DP.

“The church has been harbouring this guy (Ruto) in churches where he attacks his boss and they were busy clapping. All this discord was being done within the precincts of the church,” Limuru MP Mwathi Mungai, a supporter of Uhuru, told The Nation.

His remarks have been echoed by his Nyeri Town counterpart Ngunjiri Wambugu, who has also detected some insincerity in the handshake calls.

He suggests that the rift between Uhuru and Ruto has been caused by the DP’s attacks on the Head of State, wondering why the priests never attempted to avoid this from the very start by cautioning Ruto.

He also wonders how the same people who gave Ruto the arena to erode his good relationship with the President now want to head ceasefire deliberations.

“Leaders seeking to reconcile the two now are personally involved in the reason we are here. The church generally has been the playfield where this hatred has been brewed by providing the platforms and forums where Ruto has mobilised his allies to insult and undermine his boss. They didn’t speak out when it was happening or even correct Ruto,” he told the paper.

This comes as it emerges that Ruto has accepted the bishops’ offer to reunite them and has written to them to confirm the same.

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