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Udaariyaan Today’s Episode 18th January 2022 Written Update Jasmine Decides To Kill Tejo




The 18th January 2022 episode of Udaariyaan begins where you will watch that Jasmine decides to trap Amrik so that, she could get his involvement in her exploit to ruin Tejo and Fateh both. Therefore, she says that she will have to do something so that, Amrik could come to her directly and stuck into the trap. Meanwhile, she takes a pledge too that no matter what happens but she will never ever let Tejo and Fateh be happy, as they became the cause of her unhappiness, spontaneously, she sees that her mother is coming and she leaves the place.


Then Jasmine mentions if Amrik will become the part of her exploits so no one will be able to doubt her in such a manner, and she will earn her family’s trust as well. But besides this, Angad Maan does not know about her upcoming conspiracy, in short, it could be counted on the list of betraying too. But at the same time, Jasmine’s mother and Rupi got doubt at her because recently she has done something worst with Tejo, and as her gestures are indicating, she is again going to do something big, hence, both are keeping their eyes on her.

After a while, Jasmine plans to organize a surprise party for everyone so that, she could hit the two targets with one arrow, and under this party, she will execute something big against Tejo and Fateh. Amidst all this, the whole attention is being fetched by Amrik that, at what kind of thing he is going to do under the influence of Jasmine. Because as soon as the time is passing she is becoming dangerous for Tejo because from all four corners she is alleging her as the prime cause of her unhappiness, and therefore doing all these things.

In the prior episode, as we have streamed that Jasmine is trying to make some lethal plans against Tejo so that, she could vanish forever from her path, as she considers Tejo a thorn of her path. Besides this, still, she does not want to see Fateh with Tejo in such a manner they were used to be, this is the reason she says that once Tejo’s life will be ended her all problems will finish for sure, and therefore, she is planning something fatal against her, so that, her all memories could remove from her life. So watch it on Colors at the right schedule and for further details connect with us.