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Two Clubs Challenging Leverkusen Over Gabigol





Playing for Flamengo almost three years long by now, 25-year old Brazilian international winger and forward Gabriel Barbosa, best known as Gabigol, has been rumoured to be heading back into European football realms, after his unfortunate tenures with both Inter Milan and Benfica. To this end, Santos alumni, currently on a deal with O Rubronegro until December 2024, has allegedly been targeted by both Arsenal and Newcastle.

Already tracked by Bayer Leverkusen, Gabigol has so far made clear, through his entourage, he’s not meaning to leave Flamengo at all. An Olympic gold medal back in 2016, Barbosa is mostly remembered for the two goals scored in the extended time of 2019 Copa Libertadores final match, providing Flamengo the trophy.



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