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Top Tanzanian artiste shares mistreatment and misery he underwent in Kenyan hands






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One of the top artistes from our neighbouring country Tanzania has come out to share details of his experience in Kenya after a fraudster took him from the comfort of his home-country and brought him here. In a heart-to-heart which saw the Tanzanian heartthrob break down in tears at some point, totally unable to continue, he shared the trials and tribulations that he underwent, first in Mombasa then Nairobi.

Kisambala Kiboma, popularly known as Ten Ballz, who is a top artiste based in Kenya but from Tanzania shared his musical journey on KTN Home’s weekly entertainment show, Behind the Music.

Ten Ballz narrated how, in an effort to achieve musical success, he tried reaching out to Tanzanian producers but found the cost too high. Undeterred, he managed to contact a Kenyan producer who told him he could help him out provided he organised a small amount of money, and relocated to Kenya.

With his head full of wild dreams of success and fame, Ten Ballz was able to contrive and have his father sell off a piece of land that was supposed to be his inheritance, and hand him proceeds from the sale. He, however, had told his father that the money was for him to pursue further studies in Med school in Kenya.

Nevertheless, when he arrived in the country, drama began. For more than two full years, it became a case of lie after lie by his Kenyan host who was determined to suck him dry of all the money he had come into the country with. It was around 2013, and so the constant excuse was that Ten Ballz had to wait for the fever pitch atmosphere of the campaign season to end before they could embark on the musical journey.

All that was in Mombasa. Figuring that he had almost exhausted Ten Ballz money, the fake producer tricked him in to going with him to Nairobi, but left him there, never to be seen again.

It was a dreadful existence in the strange and fast city for the first-timer who suffered to the point of turning into a street urchin, and finally, even a petty thief.

After much struggle, he finally realised his dream, and nowadays boasts of a couple of hits under his belt.

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