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TikTok Star Kabza De Small Father Video Goes Viral On Social Media




WATCH: TikTok Star Kabza De Small Father Video Goes Viral On Social Media: It became so much easy to get fame and attention these days, what you need to do is just upload a unique video and you can easily get the limelight. In this line-up, the video of Kabza De Small’s father goes viral and he garnered huge views. We often watch Kabza praises his mother, but we have never watched him talking about his father. The last night, the TikTok user with the handle @jcarandacooza uploaded a video of an older man he described as Mr. Motha: on the posted video, it is written that the man is the father of Kabza. Follow More Update On

Kabza De Small Father

Mr Motha Alleged TikTok Star Kabza De Small Father

The video of Mr. Motha has 50,0000 views. Motha is astonishingly also the surname of Kabza De Small and two people who are not connected have the same surname is quite normal, but 2 people who look alike and have a similar surname is quite fascinating and can raise the eyebrow a bit. Also, we observed the eerie resemblance between the man and Kabza De Small on the viral TikTok: they have a similar body type, similar facial features and similar heads. The person could be the biological father of the artist, but the user could have uploaded this to increase social media personality. It would not be the first time a person post lies to get attention and fame.

Kabza De Small Father Video

Kabza De Small recently tied the wedding knot and he is a very private person when it came to his family. But the actor is quite vocal about his mother. The artist adores his mother, spends time with her, takes photos together. He even calls his mother a queen. He is grateful for the presence of his mother and appreciates the effort she has made to watch him succeed. Kabza once posted two photos of them together side by side, one of the photos is old, and the other is recent. He also gave a good caption to the picture which reads that “The struggle was real, no matter what the win is certain, and she will increase all the glory. Mom”

After reading this caption, it denotes that his mother is the only parental figure. It is quite possible that the father of Kabza abandoned him and his mother solely raised the star. Whether the man in the video is the father of Kabza De Small or not, Kabza is still a talented DJ, self-proclaimed amapiano king, and producer. He impressively built an astonishing career from the year 2009 to now. He was born on 27th November in the year 1992 which means he is 28 years old now.