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TikTok Creator Victoria Paris Signs With Range Media Partners




TikTok creator Victoria Paris has signed with Range Media Partners in all areas.

After creating a TikTok account on a whim as a way to drive traffic to her Depop store, Paris gained over 800,000 followers in her first four months on the platform. Considered one of the fastest-growing content creators on TikTok with over one million followers, Paris earns an average of 1.1 million likes on her posts per day. She uploads about 30 videos a day that capture her daily routine in New York City.

“She has pioneered her own unapologetic, unfiltered and uncompromising style of content creation on a saturated platform known for its stylized and choreographed trends,” the management company said in a statement. “Paris has succeeded in making the everyday look extraordinary – not through gimmicks, good lighting and clickbait – but through elevating the experiencing and engaging her audience at every step of the way.”

Range Media Partners was founded by a collective of leaders in the entertainment and business industries — Dave Bugliari, Mackenzie Condon Roussos, Rich Cook, Michael Cooper, Susie Fox, Matt Graham, Sandra Kang, Rachel Kropa, Chelsea McKinnies, Peter Micelli, Mick Sullivan, Byron Wetzel and Jack Whigham — in September 2020.

“Victoria Paris is the moment,” Range’s Kai Gayoso said. “In the midst of a pivotal time for the creator economy, she is redefining what it means to be a creator in every definition of the word. She has established herself and her audience (the self-proclaimed Victorians) as a force to be recognized with and we are thrilled to be working with her.”

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