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The week that was; the mind-blowing cost of Moses Wetangula’s German Shepherd dogs






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Just this past week, the Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha led a multi-sectorial team on a door-to-door campaign to ensure that every parent who had not enrolled their child in Secondary School did so. The main reason that almost all of the guilty parents kept giving was that they kept their child at home because they had no money for lunch to give the child. With such realities on the ground in Kenya, it was simply unbelievable when reports emerged of the amount Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula had agreed to dish out for a couple of German Shepherd dogs.

James Isokat, a farmer who rears dogs in Nairobi disclosed that he supplied the senator with well-trained and microchipped German shepherd dogs at his Karen residence on June 11, for a sum total of 348,000.

In a country where majority live below the poverty line, earning less than 2 dollars a day, it sounded unbelievable that a person could spend that much on a bunch of dogs.

Nevertheless, the Wetangula story had an unexpected twist to it. The farmer later claimed that the Senator never cleared with him the full amount, and was now contemplating further action against him.

He said Wetangula’s move could only be likened to that of a brave thief and maintains that the politician has stolen from him (Isokat).

“Ameniibia mbwa zangu sababu tulielewana na hajanilipa (he has stolen my dogs because he has not kept his side of the bargain,” Isokat said.

According to an invoice, Wetangula was charged Ksh348,000 but this far, he has only paid ksh100,000.

Isokat says that he has used all means in a bid to compel Wetangula to pay the remaining amount but the senator has ‘blatantly’ refused.

“On June 11 this year Bungoma Senator ordered well-trained dogs and we delivered at his Karen residence, we charged him Sh348,100 but he only paid Sh100,000, the remaining was to be collected the following morning but he hasn’t paid up-to-date. He has been taking me around with numerous threats from his security guards,” Isokat said.

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