The Dangerous Effects Of Taking Muguka


Muguka usually grows mostly in the dry lowland areas of Embu. Most of the muguka users chew the fresh plucked buds and the soft leaves. People chew the leaves of muguka so that it can give them a stimulant effect to their body. Muguka is closely related to khat or miraa, the difference between muguka is that the two drugs are physically different with the shoots for muguka and the leaves for miraa being chewed. The two drugs, also have some similar effects on the people who use either one of the drugs or both of them. Most people who use muguka are vulnerable to dangerous side effects caused by this drug.

One of the dangerous effect of taking Muguka regularly is that muguka contains a very hamful substance called amphetamine which causes mental effects on the muguka users. Muguka isn’t expensive so it’s readily available to most people, who use it. Muguka use can lead to increased heart rate which would be dangerous for people with underlying heart conditions. Muguka also increases blood pressure, which can damage both the liver and the kidney.

Muguka is also one of the cause of stomach ulcers and also the cause of tooth decay and gum disease that weaken the teeth. Muguka has also been linked to psychological problems such as depression and anxiety. Depression could be dangerous since it can lead to suicide cases. Lastly muguka usage can lead to addiction that will make it difficult for the user to stop taking it.



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