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The Cost Of Diana Marua’s Shoes






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Being a celebrity comes with a lot. for example, you are not allowed to wear just any shoes. you have to go all the way. we have heard and seen celebrities like Mulamwah and Anerlisa Muiai rocking shoes worth one hundred thousand Kenyan shillings.

Diana Marua is one of the most fashionable female celebrities in Kenya. Diana has invested a lot in her fashion, and every day she usually posts photos on her Instagram account wearing very dope and expensive label clothes and shoes.

In the latest post of Diana Marua, she has flaunted online her brand new leather heels. These heels are pure leather and they are usually very expensive. There are only specific shops that usually sell this type of leather heels, you can’t get them in the streets.

Nothing much really. Just an ordinary girl with a thirst for success. Keep grinding, work hard, it will pay off someday.


Chapter 32 👑 05.11.2021 ♥

On this Day, God brought me to this world. Years have passed by trying to figure out what my purpose in life was. I have cried, I have questioned God, I have put other people’s needs before mine just to see them smile, I have been taken advantage of, I have hurt and still put a brave face on, I have made mistakes that I’m not proud of. Through this and alot more, I have learnt what my purpose in life is.

32, Another chance to write my story. One thing I know, I’ll write a beautiful story. God, you know my heart and you know my prayer. I cannot wait to see the doors you’ll open for me and the tables you’ll set for me. I am Grateful to You 🙏 Day 1 of year 32- This is the Day That You Have Made, I will Rejoice and Be Glad in it ❤ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME 🎉🎉🎉


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