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Tejo will fight for life and death in the hospital >




Udaariyaan 20th December 2021 Written Update: Tejo will fight for life and death in the hospital Udaarian Latest Alert 20 December 2021 (Udaariyan): Ankit Gupta, Isha Malviya and Priyanka Chaudhary (Priyanka Chahar Choudhary) starrer serial Udaariyan is about to reach Tejo Hospital as soon as Angad is away from Mann in the upcoming episode.

Tejo’s life has once again come to a crossroads in the superhit TV serial Udaariyan from Colors TV. Fateh has already been left leaving Tejo. Now Tejo and Angad Mann’s relationship has started getting sour. So far you have seen in Ankit Gupta, Karan V Grover, Isha Malviya and Priyanka Chaudhary starrer serial Udaariyan (Udaarian Latest Episode), even after face-to-face. Tejo and Fateh fail to meet. On the other hand, Jasmine plans to take revenge on Tejo.

Jasmine follows Tejo. Tejo goes shopping with Riya. Here Jasmine kidnaps Riya. Tejo tells this to Angad Mann. Angad Mann gets furious at Tejo. After which both Tejo and Angad Mann go in search of Riya. Meanwhile, a big twist is about to come in the story of serial Udaariyan. Follow More Update On CmaTrends

Udaariyaan 20th December 2021 Written Update

In the upcoming episode of Serial Udariyaan Upcoming Episode you will see, Angad Maan will search for Riya all over the city. Angad Mann will not get any information about Riya. On the other hand Tejo’s life will be in danger. Tejo will get hurt in her leg and head while trying to find Riya. After which Tejo will be admitted to the hospital.

Fateh will get to know that Tejo has had an accident. Knowing this, Fateh will rush towards the hospital without delay. Fahet will secretly see Tejo. Tejo will not be able to know that Fateh is also with her in the hospital. Angad Mann will also reach Tejo at the right time. Both Angad and Fateh will get very upset seeing Tejo sitting on the wheelchair.

Rhea has disappeared because of Jasmine. This action of Jasmine is going to affect the relationship between Tejo and Angad Mann. In such a situation, it will be interesting to see how Tejo will save this broken relationship.



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