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Tanasha Donna Speaks Out After Being Mentioned In Wash Wash Scandal






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Tanasha Donna has dismissed claims that she is linked to the wash wash scandal that was exposed by the tea master, Edgar Obare. The singer said that she didn’t want to address the issue but since it was now getting out of hand, she had no choice but to say how she felt.

According to the mother of one, she was surprised that someone could wake up and start making up stories about another person . she maintained that everything that is linking her to wash wash scandal is just for attention and the benefit of someone who is not her.

Tanasha said that everything she owns in her life right now she bought it herself through hard work and sweat and warned those involved to stop linking her to such scandals.

Tanasha’s reaction comes after Edgar Obare put her on the spot and alleged that she had a thing with the late Kevin Omwenga. Several photos of her and the late businessman are already doing rounds on social media.

After Edgar Obare exposed a number of people on his Instagram account, Kenyans woke up today to a rude shock after Edgar was apparently ‘missing’. On a daily, Edgar exposes a number of celebrities due to various reasons. But today, things were different since by around 10 am, he was still missing in action. He had to go to his second account to announce that his account had been temporarily deactivated.


So many Kenyans have lauded Edgar Obare for having the guts of posting whatever he posts. A sane person wouldn’t dare post half of what he posts. It requires one to have balls of steel just to think about it. but for Edgar, he goes hard to expose even prominent people like governors. It gets so bad that his fans normally urge him to drop some of the receipts since his life is more important. Last year, Edgar was taken to court by Natalie Tewa for publicizing her private documents on social media.

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