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Takeoff Shows Rich The Kid How to Throw Money Into a Crowd




Takeoff has given Rich The Kid a lesson in money-throwing.

Last month, Offset celebrated his milestone 30th birthday in Los Angeles with a sneaker-themed ball, and his Migos member Takeoff was in attendance, as was Rich The Kid—and a host of others. In video footage was shared online via photographer Derrius Edwards (@rawcommnc) on Dec. 22, but went viral on Jan. 9, Take is on stage beside Rich, tossing money into the massive crowd. Rich followed suit, but there was far more aggression in his throw, almost as if he was an MLB pitcher.

Takeoff noticed how Rich The Kid was flinging the money bricks and showed him how to execute with a bit more finesse. Rich is then seen peeling the money bands off of the money and tossing it in the air, allowing it to fall into the crowd instead.

Giving away free money is clearly Rich’s thing because he threw cash at fans in Beverly Hills, Calif. last April and even received a citation for it.

Nonetheless, there were several wins at Offset’s birthday celebration. Rich The Kid received the impromptu tutorial from Takeoff and the man of the hour, Offset, was given a jaw-dropping gift from his wife Cardi B: a check for $2 million. Cardi presented the check to her rapper spouse on the stage, saying she was giving him the money as he has several business ventures pending in 2022.

“That’s $2 million!” Bardi told ’Set. “Two million dollars. Two million dollars. Two million dollars. Two million dollars. Two million dollars. Here ya go, I love you!.”

The list of ventures that Offset will be embarking on this year is unclear, but the Atlanta rapper did announce last August that he’s diving into profit sharing with Reservoir Media, a global independent music publishing company.

In a post shared on Instagram, the Father of 4 rhymer said, “Looking forward to participating in profit sharing through my investments in @reservoirmedia @nasdaq ring the bell @golnar_khosrowshahi.”

According to Reservoir Media’s website, Takeoff is on the company’s roster as well. Quavo, however, isn’t listed.

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