President Donald Trump has tested negative for coronavirus, the White House has announced. The news comes just hoursafter Trump revealed during a Saturday press briefing at the White House that he took the test on Friday amid concerns about his exposure to several people who have been infected for the virus.  […]

The Trump administration has announced it would extend its current travel ban to include the UK and Ireland beginning next week Monday The White House had previously declared a travel ban to Europe alone, but due to the rapid spread of Coronavirus, the U.K. and Ireland have been included.  Speaking at the White House […]


The Trump administration unveiled a new regulation on Thursday to curb what is termed “birth tourism” by the administration. If officials have “reason to believe” that they intend to travel to the U.S. for the primary purpose of giving birth to a child in the U.S., it would give the […]

Another strategy alarm discharged by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services under President Trump’s organization, has dropped programmed citizenship for the offspring of some US administration individuals and US government representatives living abroad and offspring of non-natives conceived in the United States. Under the new citizenship arrangement which will be […]